Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Wish List

Christmas and my birthday are right around the corner! As I'm getting older I'm finding there isn't much that I want. I don't have a list like when I was eight, two pages front and back full of unnecessary toys, I have a few very specific items I would appreciate!

Navy Blue Hunter Boots // I have been longing for a pair of Hunter boots for the past two years but for some reason I just never splurged on them! Maybe I'll get myself a birthday present :)

Cedar Street Monday Bag // I saw this when I was shopping on King Street in Charleston back in October, I just love that it looks like a little envelope! And could they pick a cuter colors?

A Navy Onesie // Ok, so this is random but they look so warm and cozy! And navy is the greatest color out there!

Monogram Bracelet // To match my monogrammed necklace! It will become a part of my everyday jewelry! How perfect?

J. Crew Boat Neck Tee // This has been on my must-have list since summer! It's just too cute to pass up!

The gifts are a plus on the Holidays but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow! We are hosting it at our house and having family friends over! It's going to be a great day full of food, friends, family and fun! I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! What are you thankful for?

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