Sunday, December 1, 2013

101 in 1001

I was inspired by Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling to create my 101 in 1001 list! I'm super excited to try all of these new things. I like this better than doing New Years resolutions or a bucket list because it isn't limited to one year and it doesn't have an indefinite end date. You get 1001 days, about 2.75 years, to complete it and it is just fun! I started late last night and here's what I have so far, what would you do if you had 1001 days to do 101 things?

101 Things in 1001 Days // start: December 1, 2013 end: August 28, 2015 

1.     Go to Paris. (summer 2014)

2.     Have 100 followers on my blog.
3.     Go to Nantucket, again.
4.     Graduate from high school. (June 2014)
5.     Get my first college acceptance. (December 2013
6.     Tailgate as an official college student.
7.     Finish decorating my room at home.
8.     Go to College of Charleston. (August 2014)
9.     Get an internship at a company I love while in college. (January 2015 & here)
10.  Go on a road trip with friends!
11.  Go to New York City, again.
12.  Meet my two biggest blog role models. (Mackenzie and Carly) (Carly, October 2014)
13.  Have my first legal drink. (Summer 2014 while in Europe!)
14.  Get macarons from Ladurée. (Summer 2014, in Paris!!)
15.  Own a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag.
16.  Spend a weekend away with just my sisters.
17.  Go to a spa.
18.  Organize a huge scavenger hunt for my friends and me.
19.  Go strawberry picking!
20.  Finally buy a pair of black pumps.
21.  Go parasailing!
22.  Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.
23.  Go on a service trip.
24.  Attend a polo match.
25.  Go to Fashion Week, in any city.
26.  Ride on a sailboat.
27.  Visit a new city.
28.  Go skinny-dipping in the ocean.
29.  Lay on the beach at night and star gaze.
30.  Go on a date to the zoo.
31.  Sit and eat on The Met Steps.
32.  Make dinner all by myself.
33.  Take my mom out to dinner.
34.  Decorate my dorm room. (Fall semester 2014
35.  Make six Pinterest treats.
36.  Ride on a train. (Summer 2014, from the south of France to Paris!!)
37.  Go camping.
38.  New Years Kiss!
39.  Fly in an airplane. (Summer 2014, to Paris!)
40.  Take one course in college just for fun. (Fall Semester 2014, Step aerobics!) 
41.  Visit my sister in Chicago.
42.  Customize my blog.
43.  Visit DryBar for a blowout.
44.  Get my first sponsor on my blog.
45.  Find the perfect pair of jeans.
46.  Buy a lottery ticket. (December 2013)
47.  Buy a weekender with my monogram. (December 2013)
48.  Make a skirt.
49.  Organize and clean my room, keep it cleans for a week.
50.  Go paintballing.
51.  Be featured in something.
52.  Go to a State Fair.
53.  Finish my first year of college.
54.  Join 3 clubs in college.
55.  Watch 7 TED Talks.
56.  Buy my domain name.
57.  Red 8 new books.
58.  Own real pearl earrings.
59.  Go dock jumping, again. (Summer 2014 at my friends dock)
60.  Go jet skiing.
61.  Go to my senior prom. (April 2014)
62.  Go to California, Pacific Coast High way.
63.  Upgrade my iPhone. (Spring 2014)
64.   Do a DIY project. (December 2013)
65.  Buy each sister something she needs.
66.  Buy a Christmas scented candle this season.
67.  Carve a pumpkin. (October 2014)
68.  Inspire someone.
69.  Make a candle.
70.  Do a polar bear.
71.  Pull an all-nighter.
72.  Take a yoga class. (Fall semester 2014)
73.  Try on a pair of LBs.
74.  Go thrift shopping.
75.  Run a color run!
76.  Watch an entire scary movie.
77.  Find five new blogger friends. (2/5)
78.  Launch OOTD series on my blog. (December 2013)
79.  Eat at an outdoor café in France. (Summer 2014)
80.  Visit a new state.
81.  Go skydiving.
82.  Have a picnic.
83.  Have a classy party for an event. (December 2013)
84.  Go hiking somewhere cool.
85.  Give ten homeless people food. (1/10)
86.  Go to another weekend long music festival.
87.  Drink only water for one week. (This means no coffee, soda or tea)!
88.   Eat ice cream for breakfast. (I'm in college and there is always ice cream in the dinning hall)
89.  Finish a bottle of perfume.

I cannot wait to finish making my list and start crossing things off! Like I said, I love, love, love this idea, thanks to Mackenzie for inspiring me! 


  1. This is sooo awesome! I want to start writing mine now too! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

  2. I found your blog through a link on Design Darling. I just started my own 101 in 1001 project and am also recording it on my blog:

    Good luck- I am bookmarking your blog and will check back to see how you do!

  3. Hi Abigail ! I'm a Spanish blogger trying to introduce "preppy " style here in my country . After reading through your posts and this amazing list I think it will be great if we could make a collab to expand our blogs to a more international perspective and introduce the basic ideas of the style our countries have .
    If it sounds good to you you can email me at :