Monday, December 30, 2013

Best of 2013

I have a lot of great memories to look back on this year. 2013 has been my favorite year yet, I probably say that at the end of every year but it's true! New things happen every year that make it just a little bit better than the last. None of these moments are in chronological order! (Oops....)

This year my favorite memory of the whole entire year (or ever for that matter) was sharing an unimaginable experience with my best friend. We met Taylor Swift! Not only met her but her mom personally chose us out of a whole stadium full of people. By far the most memorable moment of my life. What made it even better is that it was with my best friend and we made the best outfits ever!

(P.s. that bruise on my arm is from a lacrosse game earlier that week.)

Another great memory of 2013 was my junior prom! The whole night was great. Perfect dress, fun date, incredible group, amazing dinner put on by our moms and perfect weather! What more could I ask for! Also, I couldn't wait until I saw everyones reaction to how the dance was decorated considering it was beautiful and I spent about 10 hours in our gym with the other two girls on head of the prom committee decorating for it. May I say it looked great! 

A trip to Charleston with two of my best friends and a new best friend is certainly at the top of 2013's best moments! My friend Kylie invited me to come to a weekend long music festival with her! She also invited my friend Emily who I've known for years and Kellee who I had just met and have become great friends with! It was one of the best weekends full of music, best friends and shopping. Lots of shopping. 
Kellee, Emily, Kylie and me :)

Another highlight was that time we beat our rivals in football... again. Make sure to turn your volume down for this! 

The thing I'm most proud of this year is this, my blog. The Girl In Pink! I was finally able to get up the courage to share it with everyone and I am so glad I did! The response I got from this was amazing so I would like to thank everyone who reads this, follows it, likes my page on Facebook or follows me on Instagram. The support is amazing and I can't wait to look back on this post next year to see how far I have come with this blog and see my 2014 bests! 

I'm sorry for the lengthy post! I think it was worth it for this one. I hope everyone takes a moment to reflect on their Bests of 2013! Have a happy New Year! 

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