Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Parties

Every year my parents throw this huge Christmas party, my mom is most likely Christmas's biggest fan! They go all out, tons of food, open bar (complete with bartender), loud as can be Christmas music, and as generous as they are... a new dress for me! It really is one of the best nights of the year.

There is so much spirit at the party and so much fun that it is impossible not to have a good time! The Santa cookies don't hurt either. This year was great because both of my sisters were home and my oldest sister, Lyndsay, had her college roommate, Lillian, come! So the whole family (including Lillian) was together again.

There is something about the holidays that just make everyone happy. My favorite holiday things are; a fresh red manicure, sequins, bows, Christmas trees, tons of lights, and the family being together! Tonight is the night I get all of those at once! My nails have a fresh coat of OPI red, my dress had a perfect bow covered with sequins, my house and Christmas tree were full of lights and all of my family together!

In the past years as the Ogden Christmas Party slows down I put on my pajamas, wash my face, and try to drown out the noise of the last few really spirited guests and drift off to sleep. Tonight, I can blog before hitting the lights! Goodnight. :)

Normal...? We don't know what "normal" is. 
Abigail A. Ogden

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