Tuesday, December 10, 2013

J. Crew Sale

So, I have this very small (well, okay... huge) problem when it comes to online shopping, more specifically online shopping at J. Crew Factory.

With Christmas coming up both J. Crew Factory and J. Crew are having a sale (!!!) at J. Crew Factory you can get 40-60% off everything, no coupon code needed! At J. Crew you can recieve up to 30% off of everything with code MERRYMERRY. In stores AND online. Prime time to go Christmas shopping!

For my eighteenth birthday my parents gave me a J. Crew gift card and I may or may not have gone a little crazy... Here are my favorite items from J. Crew and Factory right now. (...ones I may or may not have purchased.)

This is one of the cheapest jackets I have ever purchased! Thank you, J. Crew sales! I recommend you check it out. It's perfect.

THIS. I have wanted this shirt from J. Crew Factory since summer (they've had it forever) and you cannot imagine my excitement when I saw I could get it for less than twenty dollars ($16.57 to be exact, what a deal!). I cannot wait until summer to wear it.

Gingham, can I say anything more? It's perfect and this size of the gingham is the best, not too small to make people dizzy and not to big to be distracting. This will look great with the Field Jacket! Cannot wait to wear these items! 

Love, love, love chambray. The polkadots make it a lot more fun and give it a youthful taste. Can't wait to wear it with comfortable jeans and boots for a casual day.

Now with all of these items lined up I see my taste in clothes is very evident. Blue. More specifically navy, whoops! Here are some more colorful finds from J. Crew Factory.  

To be perfectly honest, between my mom's closet and mine we have like eight of these sweaters. They are the most comfortable article of clothing I have. The best thing? They can be dressed up or down, I must admit I've worn one of these sweaters as my pajamas and my mom wore one to  a holiday party... Hello, versatility.

I mean... It's pink, how is it not cute?

Okay, yes it's navy BUT it does come in bright cerise! 

Pink Winnie Pant, it just does not get much better! 

J. Crew is my number one store... I think I could make a mini pop up shop from my closet. It's bad. Anyway, happy Christmas shopping! Don't miss out on the deals.


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