Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Favorites

With November officially over and December beginning it's time for me to start my Monthly Favorites series! Here's to November and my first month of this blog! :)

L.L. Bean Boots // I got my Bean Boots for my birthday last year and I absolutely love them! I live in the south so it's never really cold enough to wear them in November so I'm super happy I'm able to put them on my November favorites! We had some really cold days this past month and my Bean Boots were perfect for the weather! (here, here, and here are my favorite looks!) 

J. Crew Camp Socks // I wear my Camp Socks whenever I wear my Bean Boots, they're the perfect pair! Sticking the socks out of your boots look super cute and the thickness of the socks keep you warm! (Although I like wearing regular socks under my camp sock for extra warmth.)

Blogger // Blogging is my new favorite activity and Blogger makes it very easy to do! I've made it my goal to post at least five times a week. I hope I can keep to it!

Diet Coke // I've always loved diet coke, but recently it's what has been keeping me going between school, homework, work, lacrosse, and babysitting! I like the taste of diet coke way better than regular.

Kate Spade // Now Kate Spade has always been a favorite of mine but this month I got a new cross body I love from the new Kate Spade outlet in my city! I use it everyday.

Pur CC Cream // I just bought a new foundation from Ulta. I went in looking for the makeup I normally use but then I found this, it's even better than what I was using! It creates a flawless finish and it is absolutely amazing!

Starbucks Holiday Cups // The Holiday cups from Starbucks are the best! I was so excited when they came early this year. The cups can brighten up any day. 

I'm looking forward to what December has to offer and collecting another month's worth of favorites! 

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