Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spots & Dots

This winter I have become obsessed with tights. I mean obsessed. We have a strict dress code at school. It consists of khaki, navy and black pants or skirts and pink, white, blue, or gray shirts. Boring, I know. I found a couple ways around looking so boring everyday... TIGHTS! They are super cute and practical. I have recently become a fan of skirts over pants, more or less because it looks cuter at school when you are limited to about four outfit choices. Adding tights under a skirt is a great way to sneak a design or a pop of color into an otherwise drab outfit. I'm hoping my tight collection grows when I open my presents on Christmas morning! (hi, Mom) My favorites are my gray tights from my last post!

I recently (yesterday) got a pair of Kate Spade tights on super sale! They were marked down to $17 and then an extra 50% off that! How could I not buy them? I wore them today with a pink sweater ballet flats and a J. Crew necklace (similar). The best part (even better then getting them about $9) ... they have polka dots!

Here are some other must have tights

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J. Crew Factory is 50% off everything and FREE shipping on $50+ AND an extra 25% off clearance items with code SALE25

Abigail A. Ogden

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