Monday, December 2, 2013

What's In My Bag?

I'm new to this whole blogging thing, so my pictures are a little amateur but here is my "What's In My Bag?" post! I have always loved these posts because when I was younger I would put my Barbie Doll into my purse and anything else just to fill it up and to be a "big girl!" Now that I am a "big girl" I carry around necessary things and this is what's in my bag! 

I got this bag from Michael Kors Outlet last season and I love it so much! It holds a bunch and it's weathered extremely well. The color of the leather has only improved overtime. Tons of pockets to hold all of the little random things that are normally lost at the bottom of your bag! Here's what I carry around with me:

iPad // Carrying my iPad around is great! It's so much lighter than my MacBook. I can type up quick notes for blog posts and keep up with my favorites! Not to mention pinning on the iPad is super fun!

Kate Spade Outlet Wallet // I love this wallet so much because the leather doesn't get scratched. There are so many awesome compartments for credit cards, cash, receipts, notes and coins! It can really hold a lot and it stays small.

Car Keys // My car keys of course, I make them easy to find with my Smathers & Bransons key fob.

Quick Dry Nail Polish // Chipped nails are not cute, I carry quick dry to touch them up when I am on the go! 

Portable Phone Charger // I got this anchor charger from J. Crew when I was going to a music festival and didn't want my phone dying during the day. It's super useful and chargers it awfully quick.

iPhone // Always a must. I don't go anywhere without it.

iPhone Charger // My 4s has been dying so quickly I need to carry my charger with me at all times. Here's hoping for an upgrade for my birthday!

Kate Spade Outlet Sunnies // I absolutely adore these sunnies! They are cat-eyed and have the cutest inside, hello? Black and white polka dotted can it get much cuter? The answer is yes! The case makes it that much better, wink wink

Warby Parker Glasses // I just recently got my Warby Parker's and I fell in love. I used to hate wearing glasses instead of my contacts but now, I prefer my glasses!

Lilly Agenda // Such a cute and fun way to keep track of appointments, dates, and work!

Notebook // I keep my 101 in 1001 list in my notebook along with ideas for blog posts!

Lilly Coin Purse // This was a gift with purchase and is great for keeping all loose change together when it's weighing down your wallet!

Necessities // Hair ties, hair clip, earrings, hand sanitizer, hand lotions and band-aids. You can never be too prepared! 

What's in your bag??

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