Sunday, January 12, 2014

20 Little Facts About Me

So a few weeks ago I was supposed to upload a Q & A video... that obviously didn't happen. I wouldn't say I'm bad with technology I'm just not the best. So, one day when I figure technology out I will upload that video! For now, I leave you with "20 Little Facts About Me." 

One of my favorite bloggers, The College Prepster, did this post today and I thought it would be really fun! She asked for people to leave comments with little facts about them but I decided to do a whole post instead! Here it goes! 

one... The snack I love the most is goldfish crackers!
two... I really like baking. Especially cupcakes! 
three... My favorite hot drink from Starbucks is a two pump white mocha.
four... My dog's name is Helga. Not by choice, my dad named her... she's a dachshund. 
six... I've lived on an island all of my life.
seven... There is always a candle burning when I'm in my room.
eight... I really like my monogram because it's symmetrical. aOa
nine... I'm spending my next paycheck on a tulle skirt!
ten... I am the world's worst texter.
eleven... I never take off my monogrammed necklace, I'll just add other necklaces on top!
twelve... I have never been on an airplane. 
thirteen... After I graduate high school my dad is taking me to a few places in Europe and it will be my first time on an airplane!
fourteen... I really love dresses and I don't wear them as often as I wish.
fifteen... I feel naked when I don't have earrings on.
sixteen... Instagram is my favorite app and social network!
seventeen... Essie is my favorite brand of nail polish! 
eighteen... I dropped my iPhone in the ocean and it still works. 
nineteen... I've never dyed my hair but I'm kind of tempted to. (Darker maybe?)
twenty... In the warmer months any kind of sweet tea is my go to drink.

Thank you to Carly for the post idea! 


  1. Love this! I think I will do one too soon!


  2. Beautiful skirts & jeans's! I am more than a little in awe of your dressmaking skills & jeans's.

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