Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Peek Inside my Room

It has taken me forever to get my room put together. I've lived in this room for twelve years and it's gone through many, many stages; pink, green (I'm talking neon green... worst stage), and now gray! But the whole layout of my room has been through countless stages. I'm talking like 18,439,385,098,234 stages. After all these years I finally got it together! Although there are a few parts and corners of my room that aren't put together well enough to share, here is what is presentable! ...which is only my bed, somewhat my bedside cubbies and my jewelry!

My Kate Spade bedding, shams, and accent pillows are from Bed, Bath & Beyond. My storage bed and bedside table are from JC Penny. The cubbies under my bed are fabulous, I have pink bins in them and I use them to store socks, running shorts, and lacrosse pinnies. The pictures hanging above my bed are by Inslee! Here is where you can buy the first painting and here is where you can buy the second painting! My wooden monogram is my most favorite thing ever. On my bedside table I have my lamp I bought from Target and a collection of coffee table books topped with some fake flowers. I have yet to finish with the cubbies next to my bed... clearly. The only one I really love is the first one; I got the idea from Carly when a picture was posted to Instagram! What a cute idea to hold your books up with heels? The 18 is something I made for my birthday celebration!

The left side of my dresser is surely my favorite part! My sister painted the picture frame for me for Christmas one year and I love it. It's large so putting my statement necklaces on it is no issue! I think it is a great display! My mom purchased the bracelet holder from Michael's, it is perfect to hold all my bracelets. My ring holder is from Bed, Bath & Beyond and all the bow bracelets around it are from OhSoBowBracelets

Happy weekend to all! 

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  1. I LOVE YOUR ROOM! So classy

    1. Thank you! I just checked your blog out! So cute! I just followed by email. :)

  2. Your room is adorable! I love all of your pictures, especially the RED sign! Taylor Swift is the best :)


  3. LOVE your room doll!!

    The Monogrammed Miss