Saturday, January 4, 2014

Abby (BOTB45) Guest Post!

This is a very special post today! I worked with Abby from BelleOfTheBall45 (from Instagramblogger and now YouTube) this week and we each did a guest post on each other's blogs! How fun? I'm very excited for Abby to be guest posting today, we've been working on this since before Christmas! Enjoy this outfit and post Abby put together.
Hello everyone on The Girl In Pink! I'm Abby, you may know me as belleoftheball45. I am so excited to be guest posting on TGIP! In these photos I put together a casual outfit for a mild winter day in the North. Winter in the North can be mild and can be harsh, this year there is so much snow, sometimes its hard to stay stylish without freezing outside in the snow. Some things I do to stay cute, and especially warm include...

1. Layering: Often time I find myself wearing oxfords, sweaters, and coats all at once layering is a key way for me to stay cute and stay warm.
2. Have a warm go-to jacket for those extra chilly days
3. Find an adorable hat and glove combo, forever 21 always has cute ones for great prices!
4. Have a warm pair of boots that can go with anything! My go-to boots are my L.L. Bean duck boots with J. Crew camp socks.

Now if you live somewhere warm this may not have been of any interest to you, but don't worry, you can find Abigail's tips for facing the winter in the South on my blog. :)


  1. hi i am kinda new at blogging and i would love to now how you got your page header (the girl in pink) i would love if you answered thanks ;)