Monday, January 6, 2014

The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

It's going to be freezing tomorrow (literally freezing... well below freezing actually)! I am so not used to this weather either, I have no clothes for 21 degree weather. I'm probably being a baby here considering that it's -30 in Chicago where my sister lives. But I do not want to leave my house tomorrow... considering the fact that I very well just might freeze to death. I don't even have a proper coat!

My plan tomorrow morning? LAYERING. (I suggest if you're leaving your house tomorrow you do the same). I'm talking major layering like an oxford, then a long sleeve shirt, then a sweater, then a bigger sweater, then a vest and then a peacoat. My shoe choice? Bean Boots of course... with three pairs of socks! I'm most looking forward to wearing my fleeced lined leggings. (Hope it's as warm as it sounds...)

Now I'm not too sure what the point of this post is... I just wanted to write it because all I can think about is this major cold front! It never gets this cold on the island. In all seriousness all of you readers living in the North, be safe and don't leave your house, apartment or dorm unless you have to. I'm no weather expert but I'd rather y'all have a cozy and warm day curled up with the fuzziest of blankest and the warmest cup of tea!

Abigail A. Ogden

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