Thursday, January 16, 2014

Current Obsessions!

Some of my favorite posts are when people do their current obsessions, or anything else a blogger may call it. So here are my current obsessions for the first sixteen days of January!

Literally the best invention ever. This is my favorite flavor! All it needs is a little milk and sugar. 

TWO // Tulle Skirts
These tutu skirts... my God they are beautiful! Who knew that so much perfection could be put into one clothing item? The blue tutu in this picture is gorgeous and Ashley Brooke makes it look even better! I plan on ordering mine at the end of January because I hear Space 46 is getting blush pink in the 22''! I cannot wait.

These are heaven in a bag. They are so delicious and a great little snack to keep you going throughout the day. I got a bag yesterday and it's almost halfway gone... they're that good. 

FOUR // John Sheehan
My friend John Sheehan writes and performs his original and cover songs for YouTube videos. He is so talented and has an incredible talent for both writing and singing. "Me and You" is his most recent original! Check out all his other music on his YouTube Channel.

My 2014 Instagram Favorites

You can never go wrong on a rainy day (or any day) with Starbucks, Bean Boots and stripes!

Oh So Bow Bracelets is a major obsession so far in 2014! I discovered their Etsy shop in December and gave a few of their bracelets away as gifts and my friends loved them. I bought myself the pink one in December and the gold polka and seersucker in January. #Obsessed. 

SEVEN // Baking
If you follow me on Instagram it has been quite clear I've been in the cupcake baking mood. Baking cupcakes is so easy and fun! The best part is passing them out to people. My lacrosse team loved them so much.

This nail polish is a huge favorite right now! Essie's Fiesta is so fun and bright! Again, notice my Oh So Bow Bracelet :)

What are some of your current obsessions?!

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  1. OOO I love those Brookside Chocolates...they carry them at Sam's and Costco in large bags, which is both a wonderful and terrible thing.