Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paris 2014

Today I just applied for my passport! It makes me realize that I'm actually traveling this summer! It also means high school graduation is so close. These two things go hand in hand for this very reason, once I graduate from high school I get to pick somewhere in the world to travel to with my dad. I chose Paris! While we are in Europe we are going to go to Paris but also a few other places, we aren't sure of everywhere exactly. All I know is the first five days will be spent in Paris and the next six will be somewhere else equally as wonderful but different in culture!

Since I know we are for sure going to Paris I have been pinning like crazy on a secret Pinterest board of mine! Today, since I got my passport applied for and all I decided to start a new public one. Oh and it is so fun! Here is what I'm most looking forward to and hoping to see in Paris... 

Clearly the Eiffel Tower is a huge excitement in itself but my dad told me we are getting reservations to eat inside the Eiffel Tower at its restaurant the first night we are there! How incredible it that?

My excitement for sitting at an outdoor cafe for a coffee or a glass of wine is out of control! I have been searching for cute cafes in Paris for quite some time and will present my dad with the list upon arrival to France.

How can I leave actual french macaroons out of this? The macarons you can get in the states are good, I mean I have nothing to compare them to. I just cannot wait to get to Paris to taste all the different flavors made by the French themselves! (I wish I could bring them home for all of my friends but they'd be stale by the time I get back...)

The Lover's Bridge... How beautiful is this. This bridge holds so many stories of so many different loves. I can't wait to put a lock on it with my dad for our father daughter love. 

So now that my excitement for Summer 2014 is out there, let me know if anyone has recommendations for places to visit in Paris! It's going to be an amazing summer and I go in a little less than five months. Insane. I can't forget to get super cute sun dresses for the Paris sun. 

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  1. I'm so excited for my trip too! Props to my grandma!!

  2. I'm so jealous!! My cousins went to France last summer and said Versailles was amazing! They had spectacular pictures from Giverny Gardens (the same ones that inspired Monet) which are a little outside of Paris. And you can't forget shopping! Chanel, Dior, ooh la la! You'll have a blast!

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