Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day (!!!)

Today we had a snow day!!! Well, it was more like an ice day but hey school was cancelled so that was awesome! All today consisted of was coffee, muffins, a fire, snowman building lunch and tea. Waking up early before the "snow" froze on my lawn chairs was one of the best decisions I've made. I made this cute snowman :)

Today was full of a bunch of nothing. My mom made some cinnamon muffins and we braved the roads to pick up some much needed Starbucks! We also took our dog out for a walk when there were actual snow flurries so that was really awesome! We even put Helga in her little knit sweater. I've never had a snow day but I could really get used to them. Except for the freezing part... I could do without that.

I took an obsessive amount of pictures because I've only seen snow once... that's what I get for living on an island. So sorry in advance for the crazy amount of pictures!

Snowman selfie...

The sad thing is that this is an exciting amount of snow on Hilton Head!

Finally I could put my bean boots to proper use! 

I wore my dad's work coat all day today because I don't own a proper winter coat... never thought I'd need one.

Necessary fire wood!

Woke up to this snow on the roof! My excitement was unreal.

Sitting by the fire with my bat-dog!

My very best sista friend! Watching Cinderella Story and drink green tea with the one and only Caroline Molloy!

Hope everyone is staying warm!!