Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SUGAR by Fresh

I happen to have the terrible mild allergy to the cold. I wish I was kidding. So when it gets really cold out, like these past few days (#PolarVortex), my lips get terribly chapped and then the whole area around my mouth starts to get this terrible rash from the cold. It is not a fun time. Trust me. So I am always in search of THE perfect lip balm. Thankfully I was introduced to Sugar before these record breaking temperatures arrived. I was able to avoid my annual breakout from the cold weather!

I owe my friend, Carly, everything right now! She was the one who introduced me to Sugar by Fresh over a spur of the moment dinner last week and I will never return to any other lip balm. Ever. I kid you not when I say this lip treatment works miracles. I had to order it off Sephora because there isn't one near us and I admit I was getting really nervous because it wasn't coming quick enough and my lips were getting way chapped. As soon as I put Sugar on them it was a miracle! After about 10 minutes my lips were so super smooth and hardly chapped! I really had to convince myself to splurge on lip balm but my alternative was not an option. The price for this lip treatment is actually a steal for the miracles it works! And what makes it 10 times better is that it has an SPF of 15 in it!

It also comes in tinted colors! How amazing is that? Here are my top three favorites, aside from the clear are the Petal Pink and Cherry!

Oh! Along the lines of sugar, there is another company called Pink Sugar that makes a wonderful perfume and a hair perfume! They both smell so good. :)

Honorable Mention Lip Balms:

Burt's Bees Mango // This was the next best thing on my chapped lips! What's better than the smell of mango?

EOS Strawberry Sorbet // So smooth and smells so, so good! :)

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  1. I love Sugar lip balms too. I have the berry one so it moisturizes my lips and also gives the perfect amount of color!