Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Liebster Award!

The ever so darling Poised and Preppy nominated me for the Liebster Award!!! I was extremely flattered when I first saw she commented on one of my posts to let me know but I was a little confused. I had no idea what liebster meant. I felt really silly for not knowing what it was until I googled it. It's German. Of course I wouldn't know what it meant! So for all of you wondering liebster is basically German for words like dearest, sweetheart, and favorite.

That said, this award is basically given to a new blogger with a smaller following! Other bloggers nominate each other and it is already such a fun process. The way Poised and Preppy put it is this; The main purpose of this award is to allow newer bloggers to network with and show support of other online bloggers. I love the way P & P describes it!

Also, there are rules for the nominated! You must mention your nominator with a link to their blog (Poised and Preppy is the best!), answer the eleven questions your nominator came up with, tag eleven other bloggers with less that 200 followers and create eleven questions for them to answer on their blog! So fun!

Here are the questions P & P came up with!

1. So, what's your story: how did you become inspired to start an online blog?
At first I was inspired by Sarah Vickers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls but then blogging for me became so much more than just showing my OOTDs. While I love sharing outfits and all, I like sharing my life and experiences with my followers. I restarted The Girl In Pink November 2013 and when I restarted it Carly of The College Prepster was my inspiration. Blogging then became an escape from school work, lacrosse, and life. 

2. How do you keep up with creating, writing, and editing posts in a timely manner?
When I first began blogging I planned on posting at least five times a week! I've tried to stay true to that goal but it is so hard when you're still in high school! Especially the fact that I started my blog around the holidays, I never had time to just sit down and write! But since the holidays ended I usually write a post as I'm taking a break from school work or while watching an episode of Friends! I have yet to come up with a blogging schedule, I just blog when I feel like I have the time :)

3. Who is your top style icon (blogger, celebrity, BFF, etc.)?
Carly! I honestly cannot express how much I look up to Carly from The College Prepster! She has great clothes, a great attitude, an amazing family and a truly admirable work ethic! 

4. What are your top three movie/TV show recommendations right now?
Oh gosh, this is a hard question. I watch too much TV... It's bad. Right now I am obsessed with the Fosters on ABCFamily (anyone else love Callie and Brandon together?)! Another favorite of mine at the moment is Ravenswood. It's the show that comes on right after PLL, I hate to say I'm liking it a bit better than PLL because it has more action in every episode! Last but definitely not least is The Bachelor! I mean it's just great. Juan Pablo is the sweetest bachelor yet and it's just entertaining TV.
5. What is one of your goals for 2014?
I have tons of goals for 2014 but the one that is most important to me is to be successful and happy! 

6. Which three items are you currently coveting?
Oh my goodness, this tulle skirt is perfection! It's the number one thing on my wish list! I just need to put my paycheck into my account so I can purchase it. I've already ordered these monogrammed Jack Rogers but they take over a month to be delivered :( I can't wait for them to be on my door step! And who doesn't want a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag?!

7. Do you do any thrift shopping, and if so, how do you find the best deals?
I live on Hilton Head Island which is where people come to a.) retire or b.) vacation so the thrift stores here are only filled with items retirees no longer want. Let's just leave it at that. 

8. Has starting a blog changed your life?
I definitely think it has helped me realize who I am and what I want to do. So that's a good thing! It has also helped me understand that just because people I know IRL don't understand what blogging means to me there are so many other people (like all of my followers and P & P because she nominated me:)) who do and so many people I just can't wait to meet or get to know better. I have already met so many new friends from blogging so it is definitely changed my life in that aspect. 

9. What do you want to accomplish though blogging?
I'm not really hoping to get anything out of my blog (i.e. free things, promotions etc.) I just really hope I can continue to come here to distract myself when something may not be going perfectly in my life and use it as a creative outlet. I consider blogging as a kind of therapy. 

10. If you could live in a different era, which one would you choose and why?
Ooh! This is a hard one. I'm leaning more towards the Romeo and Juliet time, the dresses were B-E-A-UTIFUL! 

11. What is one thing you would tell yourself when first started your blog?
I wish I could tell myself that I didn't have to try hard to impress anyone. I am writing this blog for the benefit of myself and if I can help or inspire people along the way that is just a huge cherry on top :)

Thank you so much for the questions Poised and Preppy! Now to create my own... Here we go!

1. At what point in your blogging career did you fall in love with it?
2. Have you read any great books lately? If no, what's your favorite magazine?
3. Which bloggers do you look towards for inspiration?
4. In three words describe your blog! 
5. Do you have an extreme case of wanderlust? Where do you want to travel to?
6. Do you consider blogging to be a from of therapy or your work?
7. Imagine yourself ten years from now, where are you and what are you doing?
8. What is your song? You know that song that comes on and you have to turn it up because it is in fact your song!
9. What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?
10. Gold or silver?
11. If you could do a guest post on any blog that has ever existed which would you choose and why?

1. Abby from BelleOfTheBall45
2. Alex from Preppy Alex
3. MK from North Carolina Belle 
4. Shannon from Prep Avenue 
5. Hailey from Hailey Daily
6. Trisha from A Pinch of Glitz and Glam
7. Steph from White Coat Wardrobe
8. Marie from Progression By Design
9. The English Ivy
10. Kaitlin from The Conservative Prep
11. Seersucker Sass


  1. I am so honored that you nominated me! Thanks for making my day :) I'll be working on your answers tonight! Ahhhh!

  2. Abigail, this post is so great! I'm sorry I didn't see it until just now, but I'm so glad I did! I loved reading your answers and getting to know your personality a little better. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to them! :)