Friday, February 21, 2014


Aerie has began this amazing campaign which is #aerieREAL and I think it is the most amazing thing to happen in today's society. The company has decided to stop retouching their models and to show girls that are actually your size. 

The reason I think this is so amazing is because girls today think they should be like the models and the girls in the magazines. But the truth is even the models don't look like that. They have flaws too. The point of the campaign isn't to point out that models have flaws too but to point out that the retouched photos aren't real and they aren't something that is realistic to achieve. They are helping us girls to understand we don't have to apologetic for the way we look. They are teaching us to be REAL.

I was in an Aerie store the other day while in Wisconsin and the women in the store were so nice and helpful. Aerie is definitely one of my obsessions right now between the campaign and the great customer service.   

When you make a purchase at Aerie they give you a sticker too! There are all different kinds and the one they gave me says "Aerie girls are real" and I love it. I put it on the back of my computer immediately! All in all I think the models look happier in this campaign!

I for sure will only be shopping at Aerie from now on. Here is my favorite item I bought at the store, I plan to order them in every single color and pattern. So comfy! 

How do you girls feel about the #aerieREAL campaign? 

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  1. I think that raising awareness that nobody is that perfect is a great thing! This makes me want to go shop there again! I used to all of the time when I was younger! Good for them for speaking the truth and showing women that models don't really look like that!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design