Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get To Know Me

The main reason I love reading blogs is because I feel like I know the blogger and that makes me know she's real. It's not that she comes out and says exactly who she is but reading someone's blog is almost like reading someone's journal.

I personally don't keep a journal so if there is something I'm writing on here it's what I am feeling in that moment and I think that is really important when it comes to blogging. I think it's important for my readers and followers to understand that I do more than write a blog and it isn't always my first priority!

I guess you could say this is kind of a "get to know me" post! I know I've done a question and answer video and I've done "twenty little facts about me" post but those are just fun little things. So if you want to know my life story this far read on!

I'll try to keep this short and sweet! I mean I am not that interesting of a person, I promise. Let's see let's see! I'm eighteen years old and I live on an island in South Carolina called Hilton Head. Most people come here to vacation but I live next to the beach all year long.

I'm not like most people on this island. I'd rather stay in on a Friday night to bake cupcakes or watch YouTube videos than going out to a party. My favorite thing to do is go shopping or sit outside a coffee shop (although I don't do it that often) because it involves no stress or thought. Unless you are looking for something specific while shopping then it is stressful!

Taylor Swift is my favorite singer... like ever. And my friend and I got chosen to meet her and go to Club Red after her concert last year! It was the best experience ever. She was so sweet and if it was possible made me love her even more! So there is a total random life experience.

selfies with Miss Swift herself

Now, here is a completely random fact but my hair does not curl well whatsoever. I always have to straighten my hair otherwise it'll be frizzy and poofy! But, that's not to say I haven't left my house without doing my hair... I totally have. #Oops

I am obsessed with skirts and dresses! They are the best clothing item in the whole world. I am determined to wear tons of skirts and sun dresses this summer and spring. I already added three skirts to my collection but I need to add a few more.

Well, I can't reveal everything about me right now. But, I'm sure I'll come by again and tell y'all a little more! Have a fantastic morning! :)

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