Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gift Guide :: Valentine's Day with Friends

Valentine's Day is such a cute holiday in my opinion! Not because it's all about love (I mean yes that's cute) but because it focuses on the best color of all time... PINK! There are so many cute gifts and cards that come in the most perfect hue!

This is my gift guide for a Valentine's Day with friends!

ONE // a tulle skirt is the cutest thing in the whole entire world! This bright pink color is perfect for a day full of love!

TWO // you can never go wrong with nail polish! It's a cheap gift for all of your girlfriends and you can add a special note around it! This is the color Lovie Dovie by Essie! How perfect is the name?

THREE // the #GirlyGirl pencil set from Design Darling is the cutest present for your studious friend, a friend who likes to write letters, or the friend that's always jotting down notes. I think these pencils are to die for. The pencils say; bicycle rides, girls' night in, gin & tonics, new shoes, picnics in the park and roadtrips! How perfect? My favorite is "girls night in" because I'd much rather stay in and bake pink cupcakes than go out for a night full of partying and loud music!

FOUR // This hot pink bow from Bows & Kites is the perfect pink for Valentine's Day! It's the perfect accessory for the day of love! This is a gift I would give to each of my friends to match on Valentine's Day! (Kind of pathetic... I know.)

FIVE // This "More Sugar!" mug from Ashley Brooke Designs is perfect for your friend with the coffee or tea addiction! The pink makes it perfectly festive for Valentine's Day!

Happy five days until Valentine's Day! I hope everyone's day is filled with love and happiness! xoxo.

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  1. LOVE your picks! The matching bow idea is adorable :)

    XX, SS ||