Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Best of January

The fact that January is over really weirds me out because now I only have about six to seven months left before I head off to college. But January was a great start to 2014 and I'd like to share some of my favorite items/products, blog posts and Instagrams of January. This is the first post of my new series, "The Best of ______" fill in the blank with the month! 


one // It's no secret that SUGAR is a huge favorite of mine. It prevents chapped lips and cures chapped lips in record time! 

two // scarves. Any kind!

three // Gap workout leggings! Honestly the best leggings I have ever owned. I have three pairs and I wear them almost daily. 

Blog Posts

one // A Peek Inside My Room, this is one of my favorite blog posts because I was so happy that I finally pulled my room together enough to share it! 

two // Paris 2014, I am so looking forward to going to France and Monaco this summer that I couldn't contain my excitement when it was finalized and just couldn't help but share it on my blog!

three // Snow Day, when we had a snow day on Hilton Head it was incredibly exciting! It was something I couldn't help but share!


one // Stripes, Bean Boots and Starbucks #necessities

two // Pink, pearls and cupcakes!!!

three // Paris daydream 

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