Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beach/Pool Essentials

It has been forever (okay a week and a half) since my last post! That is just not acceptable! I have been so busy with lacrosse after school that I haven't had time to write a new post. Well a new one is finally here! And I'm going to throw out the possibility of me doing an outfit post this weekend... stay tuned;)


The weather here on the island has been amazing. It's been warm and sunny the past couple of days after about a full week of rain! My friend and I went down to the beach and for a day of tanning and sun. It was exactly what was needed after all those rainy days. 

So I know everyone reading this is thinking, "oh, I do wonder what Abigail brings to the beach with her!?" okay so maybe not but I'm going to let you know anyways.

1. Magazines -- Magazines are always a number one essential. Even in front of sunscreen or tanning oil!

2. Sunscreen/Tanning Oil -- You've got to protect you skin! Or if you're like me attract it to your skin so you get some extra color. Three cheers for tanning oil! 

3. WATER -- Always, always, always, always bring a large bottle of ice water with you to the beach. If you are spending long hours in the sun you will want a lot of water. Trust me. The walk to get water at my beach isn't that fun either, it's so much easier to reach into your bag and pull out a nice cold bottle of aqua! 

4. Sunglasses -- If the sun is out you will definitely want your sunglasses. Unless you like getting headaches from squinting all day. Yea... I didn't think so.

5. A Hat -- You know that terrible stage of suntanning on your back with your face and eyes staring into the sun and the only thing you can do is cover your face with your hand? Well, I always bring a hat to cover my face during this dreaded part of tanning, you will not regret it!

6. A Towel -- I prefer to pick out cute ones that match my bikini... is that weird? Probably.

7. Beach Coverup -- You may opt to wear cute clothes to the beach but when you head up the beach to get a quick bite to eat you won't want to get fully dressed. Believe me. So always bring a cute beach coverup to throw over a wet or sandy swimsuit! 

8. A Plastic Baggie -- Yea, I know it sounds strange but hear me out. If you don't want to spend the money on one of those fancy phone cases that make it through anything a plastic baggie will do! Just throw your phone in and zip it up! You can still work the touch screen through the plastic and you won't get any sand in it. And hopefully water.

I typically bring all of these items to the beach every time I go! Oh, and food, but I think that goes without saying. Food for me is always an essential wherever I am. #AlwaysHungry. Living on the beach has been a huge blessing. The sand and the saltwater always remind me of home... Sorry for being cheesy.

What are some of your beach/pool essentials?


  1. I love your list of beach essentials! btw your monogram hat is perfection!


  2. you have a great blog! mind to check out mine? maybe we can follow each other :)


  3. Great blog! Couldn't agree more on your pool essentials!