Sunday, September 21, 2014

First Month of College

It's been a little over one month since I started my college classes! I have no doubt that the College of Charleston was the right choice for me. I've made new friends, become a part of a big family, and spent countless hours in the library.

It's a different experience than what I expected for school but it is for sure a good different! Charleston has so much to offer, I've discovered cute coffee spots, amazing breakfast places, great (like seriously great) shopping and I even took a yoga class!

Here are some of the best parts so far!

This picture is from preference round during sorority recruitment! It sure was a stressful week but I could not be happier with the results!

I got a bid from the best sorority ever Kappa Alpha Theta! I love every single one of my thetas and cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester and college experience has in store for me!

I go to breakfast with my friend Alli almost every weekend and we always try somewhere different. This was at a new coffee shop called Collective. It had really good french toast!

We got a lot of rain one day which was the perfect opportunity to wear my new hunters and my new rain coat!

I told myself I would run down to the battery (the picture above is the battery) at least three times a week... but let's be real it only happened once but I did take some cool pictures! 

Caviar & Bananas is the best place for bagels in the morning! They also have really good sandwiches  and salads.

Meeting David Henrie is certainly up on number one of my favorite college memories so far! He was so cool and super nice.

Believe me when I say that Charleston floods. This was right outside of my dorm room! The flooding got to the point where people were wake boarding in the street.

This may or may not have been my Saturday night... Me and my friend decided to pull my mattress into my common area and watch typical girl movies while eating sour patch and pizza. It was like a middle school sleepover, and it was really fun.

This morning I went Virgina's on King Street and had another amazing breakfast of french toast and iced coffee! I think I can safely say that french toast is my favorite breakfast food!

I hope for many more fabulous college memories and experiences!
What are you favorite memories of your school year so far?

Friday, September 12, 2014

France: Part One

I lied I'm sorry! I said this would be up yesterday on my Instagram and then life got in the way! I am currently sitting in a Starbucks on campus drinking passion fruit tea because it is like 100 degrees here in Charleston!!


Fair warning: This is a very long post with a lot of pictures!

This past summer I spent about ten days in France with my dad as a graduation gift! It has been a tradition in our family for our dad to take the graduating daughter (I have two older sisters) to somewhere in the world! It's a father daughter bonding time before we head off to college! It was an incredible experience and I would do just about anything to go back! We started in Monte Carlo, Monaco and that is one incredible city. Tons of flashy cars and yachts in such a small city. It was beautiful! From there we visited medieval towns and we went to St. Remy and after that we went to Paris!!!! But that's a whole other post.

This was my first time ever flying... I know first time on a plane and I was eighteen years old. I actually enjoyed it and they had a lot of free movies to choose from! My dad chose The Lego Movie while I opted for The Devil Wears Prada!

Here are my favorite parts from the first half of the trip! 

This was our beautiful view for breakfast every morning that we were in Monte Carlo! It was amazing to see all of the ships coming in. It was also really cool because the really big yachts had garages in them for small speed boats or jet skis... I'm not kidding, it was so cool. 

This way the best orange juice I have ever tasted! It was fresh squeezed every morning at the hotel and incredibly fresh! The cappuccinos weren't too bad either.

We took a photo stop along the way to Nice and the view was incredible.

My first cappuccino ever! It was the best thing I had ever had... I can't believe it took that long for me to try it. The sugar always came in little sugar cubes or sugar balls! 

The first ever time I stepped in the Mediterranean and it instantly became my favorite body of water. There isn't sand on the beaches they have stones and pebbles. It's actually really fun!

My dad and I ended up taking a lot of selfies on this trip because we didn't want to bother people to take our picture. My dad quickly mastered the selfie.

My dad took this photo in Nice and he is extremely proud of it. I couldn't just leave it out!

This was taken in Eze which is a medieval town in the South of France. It was breath taking!

This man could possibly be the best man I've ever met. His shop is also to die for! 

PSA: Diet Coke does not exist in France. It's "Coca-Cola Light" and it doesn't taste the same but it's okay. They're always served in glass bottles with a cup and a straw!

Finally I actually got to swim in the Mediterranean!   

These pictures are from a family run vineyard we visited and did a wine tasting at! This little window was weirdly my favorite part of it!

My aunt happens to have a house in St. Remy so we visited her! This used to be a well and since it's broken she planted flowers in it, how cute?

The best sweet ever!

Arriving at the train station to head to Paris!!! 

Check back later for "France: Part Two" 

Have you ever been to France? What are your highlights?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cutest iPhone Cases!

I did something very risky for myself yesterday! I took my LifeProof off of my iPhone... it's been giving me a little bit of anxiety. I drop my phone on an hourly basis, I wish I was kidding. I am incredibly clumsy with my phone but I wanted a cute sleek phone. That's probably weird right...? Oh well, I have a super cute case now! And hopefully a fully in tact phone by the end of the week.

I had a really hard time picking out an iPhone case yesterday, I was torn between ordering one online or one I saw in a store and really liked! I ended up going with the one in store because I wouldn't have to pay for the shipping or wait for the case to arrive!

While looking around on King Street in Charleston I saw so many cute cases! Our Apple store here has a lot of different brand cases such as Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Incase and so much more. It was overwhelming to say the least. Here are some of the phone cases I am lusting for!

1. Green & Navy Stripe iPhone Case // So so cute! Classic prep colors and you can monogram it or put your name on it! (minnie and emma)

2. Color Block iPhone Case // Love these bright colors to bring summer into fall! Again this case can be personalized too. You will always know which phone is yours. (minnie and emma)

3. Floral iPhone Case // So simple with the white background and the patterned monogram just makes it so cute and summery! (minnie and emma)

4. Pink Stripes With Peonies iPhone Case // This was designed by Carly from The College Prepster! How cute is it? She has a couple others as well but this one is by far my favorite. I really want it I just can't decide if I should do "AAO" or "ABIGAIL" what do y'all think? (minnie and emma)

5. Lenticular iPhone Case // OMG, it winks when you move it from side to side! How cute is that? I think that this is just so creative. (kate spade)

6. Literary Glasses Resin iPhone Case // This is the one I bought yesterday! I love it so much, I mean look how cute it is! The glasses are just so collegiate right? (kate spade)

7. Seriously Darling iPhone Case // This was not at the Apple store and I'm seriously thinking about taking a walk down to Kate Spade today to see if they have it! How cute is the little saying on it? I've yet to see another case quite like this. (kate spade)

8. Trippin and Sippin iPhone Case // Lilly Pulitzer always has the best cases to match any pattern. This is my favorite pattern they have in the iPhone case right now! (lilly pulitzer)

iPhone cases are one of my obsessions and now that I took the leap of taking my LifeProof off I can start collecting phone cases! Yay!

What is your favorite iPhone case?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Organizing Your Academic Week!

In high school I hated studying! Like, me studying would consist of staring at a text book for twenty minutes and saying I studied. (my mom just read that sentence and is thinking to herself "I knew it..." hi mom.) High school was never my thing and I was really anxious to come to college because I knew I would have to study every single day if I wanted to be successful. Classes are only an hour and fifteen minutes and they basically consist of discussion and not actually covering the topics you will be tested on. You have to learn the material outside of class to be able to participate in the discussion. Way different than high school. 

The only difference is here at college I don't hate studying. I'm actually a nerd and love coming to the library to study... as a matter of fact I'm in the library right now. My school's library just recently got redone and it includes a Starbucks!!!!!! Pumpkin spiced lattes have become a must when I'm at the library studying. One of my favorite things about the library is that it's always freezing cold I know that's a weird thing to be happy about but I love wearing big sweatshirts while I'm studying or just sitting around. Also, the air-conditioning in my dorm room might as well be broken because it can't cool the room below 82 degrees... that's not okay when you go to school in the south, it's still 90 degrees outside!

One of the most helpful studying techniques I learned I learned from an old post on The College Prepster's blog! It is so helpful! You just write out all of the homework and studying you HAVE to get done that week on one sheet of paper so you know what you have to have done for each class. This helps me out with time management as well, I haven't 100% figured out college yet time wise... things take a lot longer than you'd expect! A speech outline took me an hour and a half to prepare and on top of that another hour or so revising it. Things should get easier in time as soon as I figure out how to format everything. APA formatting isn't the easiest. 

The most important thing for you to invest in for college is an agenda! One with a lot of space to write. You'll have multiple assignments due the same day and you'll want to write little specific instructions next to each assignment in your agenda... well at least that's what I like to do. It gives me a better visual of what I have to do exactly. I have some pretty particular professors!

The best thing I ever did was buy little sticky notes because I'll put further instructions on them, or write out longer assignments on them so I can move them around and they don't take up too much space. Such as the yellow one, that has my math assignment on it. There are different sections with specific numbers that I have to do so I write it out on a sticky! I'll also write questions down to ask my professors, if you write them down while you're studying it's very beneficial. 

My pencil case has two compartments so I put pens and high lighters in one section and sticky notes in the other! I got it a gift with purchase at Lilly! Best and most useful one I have ever received.

What my desk at the library actually looks like right now! That's this blog post I'm working on on my laptop!!! Yay blogging... I'm so happy I started my blog again!!!

If you have any study tips let me know!! I'm always looking for more fun ways to study and organize my week!

p.s. John Mayer pandora radio may be the best study music EVER.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

For The Love Of It... Always.

Hello! Maybe some of you know who I am from blogging in the past but I'm going to assume some don't. I'm Abigail and I used to run this blog with the previous name The Girl In Pink! I stopped blogging near the end of may this year, I couldn't tell you why but I think the main reason was high school. I would get little snarky and judgmental comments about having a blog and even though I said they didn't bother me... I think they really did. But lucky for me I graduated high school at the beginning of June!!!! I have now been living in my lovely dorm room at college for almost four weeks and I am in my third week of classes! I love my school more and more everyday!

Now, the reason I changed my blog name and design (still trying to make it look pretty!) is because I didn't feel like "The Girl In Pink" meant anything. I felt that if I was going to blog I wanted the title to be meaningful to me. Whenever I started blogging people would ask me "why do you blog?" and almost every time I answered with "because I love it" but that never seemed to satisfy them. I would get a strange look from them or a simple smile and then the person would change the topic. So, back to the whole wanting my blog title to have meaning thing -- I chose to name my blog "For The Love Of It... Always" because one, I blog for the love of it and two, I never want what someone says to make me stop doing what I love so that's where the always comes from! I know I have all kinds of support from my followers and friends and family when it comes to doing this, so thank you!

With living in a different city, meeting new people, having lots of opportunities and just being in college I hope I can bring a lot of new content to my blog! Also, the fact I'm in college I can't promise consistent posts until I get the hang of the classes and the schedule and life! Feel free to follow so you know when I have a new post up and even contact me if you have any posts you would like to see!

Love you all!