Wednesday, September 3, 2014

For The Love Of It... Always.

Hello! Maybe some of you know who I am from blogging in the past but I'm going to assume some don't. I'm Abigail and I used to run this blog with the previous name The Girl In Pink! I stopped blogging near the end of may this year, I couldn't tell you why but I think the main reason was high school. I would get little snarky and judgmental comments about having a blog and even though I said they didn't bother me... I think they really did. But lucky for me I graduated high school at the beginning of June!!!! I have now been living in my lovely dorm room at college for almost four weeks and I am in my third week of classes! I love my school more and more everyday!

Now, the reason I changed my blog name and design (still trying to make it look pretty!) is because I didn't feel like "The Girl In Pink" meant anything. I felt that if I was going to blog I wanted the title to be meaningful to me. Whenever I started blogging people would ask me "why do you blog?" and almost every time I answered with "because I love it" but that never seemed to satisfy them. I would get a strange look from them or a simple smile and then the person would change the topic. So, back to the whole wanting my blog title to have meaning thing -- I chose to name my blog "For The Love Of It... Always" because one, I blog for the love of it and two, I never want what someone says to make me stop doing what I love so that's where the always comes from! I know I have all kinds of support from my followers and friends and family when it comes to doing this, so thank you!

With living in a different city, meeting new people, having lots of opportunities and just being in college I hope I can bring a lot of new content to my blog! Also, the fact I'm in college I can't promise consistent posts until I get the hang of the classes and the schedule and life! Feel free to follow so you know when I have a new post up and even contact me if you have any posts you would like to see!

Love you all!

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  1. So glad you're back!
    xx, Victoria