Sunday, September 7, 2014

Organizing Your Academic Week!

In high school I hated studying! Like, me studying would consist of staring at a text book for twenty minutes and saying I studied. (my mom just read that sentence and is thinking to herself "I knew it..." hi mom.) High school was never my thing and I was really anxious to come to college because I knew I would have to study every single day if I wanted to be successful. Classes are only an hour and fifteen minutes and they basically consist of discussion and not actually covering the topics you will be tested on. You have to learn the material outside of class to be able to participate in the discussion. Way different than high school. 

The only difference is here at college I don't hate studying. I'm actually a nerd and love coming to the library to study... as a matter of fact I'm in the library right now. My school's library just recently got redone and it includes a Starbucks!!!!!! Pumpkin spiced lattes have become a must when I'm at the library studying. One of my favorite things about the library is that it's always freezing cold I know that's a weird thing to be happy about but I love wearing big sweatshirts while I'm studying or just sitting around. Also, the air-conditioning in my dorm room might as well be broken because it can't cool the room below 82 degrees... that's not okay when you go to school in the south, it's still 90 degrees outside!

One of the most helpful studying techniques I learned I learned from an old post on The College Prepster's blog! It is so helpful! You just write out all of the homework and studying you HAVE to get done that week on one sheet of paper so you know what you have to have done for each class. This helps me out with time management as well, I haven't 100% figured out college yet time wise... things take a lot longer than you'd expect! A speech outline took me an hour and a half to prepare and on top of that another hour or so revising it. Things should get easier in time as soon as I figure out how to format everything. APA formatting isn't the easiest. 

The most important thing for you to invest in for college is an agenda! One with a lot of space to write. You'll have multiple assignments due the same day and you'll want to write little specific instructions next to each assignment in your agenda... well at least that's what I like to do. It gives me a better visual of what I have to do exactly. I have some pretty particular professors!

The best thing I ever did was buy little sticky notes because I'll put further instructions on them, or write out longer assignments on them so I can move them around and they don't take up too much space. Such as the yellow one, that has my math assignment on it. There are different sections with specific numbers that I have to do so I write it out on a sticky! I'll also write questions down to ask my professors, if you write them down while you're studying it's very beneficial. 

My pencil case has two compartments so I put pens and high lighters in one section and sticky notes in the other! I got it a gift with purchase at Lilly! Best and most useful one I have ever received.

What my desk at the library actually looks like right now! That's this blog post I'm working on on my laptop!!! Yay blogging... I'm so happy I started my blog again!!!

If you have any study tips let me know!! I'm always looking for more fun ways to study and organize my week!

p.s. John Mayer pandora radio may be the best study music EVER.


  1. Hi Abby! I was wondering if you could possibly right a post about the sorority process at CofC and the application process that you went through?

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    I wanted to know where did you get yours from??