Monday, October 27, 2014

1989 Album & Secret Messages

OH. MY. GOSH. 1989 is genius! At first I wasn't much of a fan of 1989 because it was too different from her old songs but then I realized that's what I loved about it! I couldn't love Taylor anymore. I bought the album on iTunes last night when it came out even though my Target edition was coming in the mail today, I just couldn't wait to hear all of the songs! I love all of the lyrics. I actually like the songs she didn't release as singles better! While listening to each one last night I decoded the messages in the song book.

If you know Taylor you know she hides little messages in the lyrics in the song book by having it in a different color or something. In the case of 1989 everything was capitalized except the message and this is what the little letters spelled out for each song....

Welcome To New York // "We begin our story in New York."

Blank Space // "There once was a girl known by everyone and no one."

Style. // "Her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay."

Out of the Woods // "They loved each other recklessly."

All You Had To Do Was Stay // "They paid the price."

Shake It Off // "She danced to forget him."

I Wish You Would //  "He drove past her house each night."

Bad Blood // "She made friends and enemies."

Wildest Dreams // "He only saw her in his dreams"

How You Get The Girl // "Then one day he came back."

This Love // "Timing is a funny thing."

I Know Places // "And everyone was watching"

Clean // "She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything."

I have so many favorites but my top favorites as of now are "Clean," "Style,""Bad Blood," and "Blank Space" along with every other single song!

 I just really love the look of the book!

What's your favorite song on 1989? Who/what do you think each one is about?

Friday, October 24, 2014

#OOTD :: Striped Vest

Hey everyone! I'm so excited about this collaboration I did with Abby from Belle of the Ball 45! She's one of my insta bff's and I couldn't love her style anymore, she styled her vest like 10 times cuter than mine! Check it out. We decided to do a post on styling printed vests! I'm very limited to the fall clothes I have at school because I haven't had a chance to go home and bring all of my fall clothes back with me (tear.) I'm going home for fall break next weekend and I just can't wait!

Here is how I styled this striped vest from J. Crew!

Check out Abby's post here!

How cute is she?

I am so jealous of Abby because just look at the orange and yellow leaves in her picture! She has real fall up north while I'm down south stuck with so much green!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#OOTD :: Fall

So, I'm like way to excited for fall clothes but it's not even cool enough for them here yet. Fingers crossed the temperature drops very soon. Although it wasn't the proper weather for this outfit I couldn't help but get dressed in it for a blog post! I used three of my all time favorite fall pieces this J. Crew Factory sweater, J. Crew puffer vests and Bean Boots! I have the six inch boots and wouldn't trade them in for anything!

I am always on Instagram! Haha be sure to follow me here ;)

Fingers crossed the fall weather hits Charleston soon! Also, huge thank you to Kylie Wilder for taking these pictures for me!

What are your fall staples?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Recap

You know when you have one of those overall amazing days or weekends? This past weekend was one of the best yet. It had good friends, good food, good times and so much more.

On Saturday morning I set an alarm so I wouldn't sleep until an unreasonable hour of the day. I got dressed in a sundress (because Charleston refused to be fall) and headed to my favorite spot for bagels! I bought a bagel and juice and then headed to do a little window shopping on King Street. It was a really nice relaxing morning.

Later that afternoon I came home to change and get ready for coffee with Carly from The College Prepster and some other girls. We went to Black Tap to chat over iced coffee! Getting to meet and talk with Carly over coffee was more than I could have ever asked for. Ever since discovering The College Prepster about two and a half years ago I have looked up to her. Thank you for a great afternoon Carly!

After coffee I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon at the Charleston Batter with some friends. We put up an Eno and relaxed listening to music and they put up with my insistent Polaroid taking. We had so much fun! 

That night we met up with our friend, Emily, after dinner to see Dracula the ballet! It was so so good. it had contemporary music and really incredible dances, it was like no other ballet I had ever seen. Perfect show for mid October!


This morning I again woke up early to get ready for Sunday brunch with Emily! We went to one of my favorite brunch places on King called Virginia's. They have the best French toast. We hadn't caught up in awhile so we talked about everything! It was a great time.

Later, I met up with my sorority sister for a bagel for lunch before doing service for our sorority. Before stopping by the house I made her take pictures of me. Later we walked around King because Charleston decided it finally wanted to act like fall! So we enjoyed the crisp air and fall clothes. 

It was a full packed weekend and I loved every minute of it. Now I just need a nap...

What did y'all do this weekend? 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pajama Sets Under $15!!

My most recent obsession are pajama sets! I hate the ridiculous prices for something you just wear in your house, apartment or dorm room that only you and your roommate will see. That's where Forever21 comes in. They have pajama sets for under $15. That's a total steal in my mind. Here are my favorites.

STUDDY BUDDY ($12.80) The glasses on these shorts are so cute! I'm not one for sleeping in tank tops but this is just about the softest tank top I have ever felt. 

NIGHT IN CHECKLIST ($12.80) I bought this set because of the text on the top (how cute is the little checklist?) but the shorts are the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever owned.

I NEED COFFEE ($10.80) I just ordered this yesterday and I cannot wait for it to come in the mail! Forever21 sleep shirts are my most favorite pajama item. I may or may not have worn one to my 8am class the other day... whoops.

GO AWAY ($12.80) I just ordered this yesterday too! The fabric of these shorts is my absolute favorite. So soft and cottony! I think the shirt is kind of funny too!

SWEETEST LOVE ($14.80) This is the most expensive set I like! The font on the top is too cute and the flowers are so spring timey! 

DON'T DULL MY SPARKLE ($12.80) Again the same font as the Sweetest Love set which is why I love it. I also like the shape of this shirt. Lots of flow is the best for bed time!

OH LA LA ($12.80) I mean... it's pink and has the Eiffel Tower on it. What's not to love?? Also, I love the longer short sleeves (does that make sense...?) on this shirt.

OH! And free shipping if you spend over $21. Buy two adorable pajama sets and have it shipped to your door for free! 

Which is your favorite set?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

DIY: Polaroids

Last week I got a text from my sister's best friend (we've all decided she's an honorary Ogden) asking me how I made the Polaroids in this picture. I told her I took them with a Polaroid camera and she said she thought I had made them because she used to make them all the time when she was in her sorority. Lillian had also been telling me to write another post, so therefore a DIY Polaroid post! Thanks for the idea, Lillian.

I just love this DIY project! I decorated my dorm room with them too, so cute!

After I decided I would make them I ordered pictures and picked them up in store at CVS! I also picked up everything else I would need.

What you need:
1. Pictures
2. Card stock
3. Tape
4. Sharpie
5. Scissors

These are some of the pictures I chose to make into Polaroids! For some reason I decided I didn't want to take pictures of in between steps... Sorry. Here are the steps:
1. Choose the pictures and cut it down to the size you want it to be
2. Loosely tape it to the backside of the card stock 
3. Trace the picture with a pen or marker
4. Cut the inside of the square out leaving a little white space between what you traced and what you cut out
5. Tape the picture to the back of the card stock with the front of the picture facing where you'll write on the card stock 
6. Turn it over and write whatever you want on the white spaces! I went with captions and dates. 

Here's how I displayed them in my room! I bought the cork squares from CVS and used washi tape to put around the sides.


 I love these because you can have a Polaroid in whatever size you want or from whatever day you want! You don't need to lug your Polaroid around Disney World to get the vintage look, just DIY it!!