Friday, October 10, 2014

Pajama Sets Under $15!!

My most recent obsession are pajama sets! I hate the ridiculous prices for something you just wear in your house, apartment or dorm room that only you and your roommate will see. That's where Forever21 comes in. They have pajama sets for under $15. That's a total steal in my mind. Here are my favorites.

STUDDY BUDDY ($12.80) The glasses on these shorts are so cute! I'm not one for sleeping in tank tops but this is just about the softest tank top I have ever felt. 

NIGHT IN CHECKLIST ($12.80) I bought this set because of the text on the top (how cute is the little checklist?) but the shorts are the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever owned.

I NEED COFFEE ($10.80) I just ordered this yesterday and I cannot wait for it to come in the mail! Forever21 sleep shirts are my most favorite pajama item. I may or may not have worn one to my 8am class the other day... whoops.

GO AWAY ($12.80) I just ordered this yesterday too! The fabric of these shorts is my absolute favorite. So soft and cottony! I think the shirt is kind of funny too!

SWEETEST LOVE ($14.80) This is the most expensive set I like! The font on the top is too cute and the flowers are so spring timey! 

DON'T DULL MY SPARKLE ($12.80) Again the same font as the Sweetest Love set which is why I love it. I also like the shape of this shirt. Lots of flow is the best for bed time!

OH LA LA ($12.80) I mean... it's pink and has the Eiffel Tower on it. What's not to love?? Also, I love the longer short sleeves (does that make sense...?) on this shirt.

OH! And free shipping if you spend over $21. Buy two adorable pajama sets and have it shipped to your door for free! 

Which is your favorite set?

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